Thursday, October 2, 2008

"el caballito" ... who?

today is a day off here ... so i was able to stay up and watch the boston red sox vs los angeles angels of anaheim game last night ... the 1st game of the american league division series (alds) ... the 1st game of a 5 game series ... pitching and hitting for real started at 10:07 pm ... and ended at 1:21 am ... and the red sox won 4-1

at one point early in the gamecast ... i hear tbs announcer skip carey say to to his broadcast partner buck martinez "how many times over the summer when we saw the red sox would we hear about el caballito, the little pony" ... referring to red sox second baseman dustin pedroia ... and i immediately think to myself "who?" ... "what have i missed?"

i have been following dustin pedroia's red sox career since 2006 when he started the season in portland, moved to pawtucket and eventually to boston in september ... from then to now i have heard pedroia called a lot of names ... many based on his short stature ... but his manager and teammates most commonly refer to him as "pd" or "pedey" ... have no idea about the origin of this nickname ... maybe from the "p" and "d" in his last name ... or maybe his initials reversed ... don't know ... but i have never, ever heard him called "el caballito" or "the little pony"

apparently i am not alone ... skip carey's comment has been the source of ridicule all day on sports radio 850 weei ... and others have commented out here in cyberspace ... check here ... and here ... and here

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